Episode #45: DEEP DIVE - Was the 2020 Election Stolen? Part VI FINALE: Georgia

2 years ago

For the grand finale of The Right Take's investigation into voter fraud in the 2020 election, Jacob and Eric look at the closest and most contentious swing state of them all: Georgia. From "burst water pipes" to mysterious suitcases of ballots hidden under tables, there's more than enough to analyze as they come to their final conclusions on the Peach State and the national election as a whole.


00:00 Tipping the Georgia Scales before Election Day
05:50 Burst Pipe on Election Day
10:30 Technical Glitches and other Election Day Irregularities
16:31 Recounts and Litigation
20:23 Certification through the end of November
27:56 Hidden Ballots? The Curious Case of Ruby Freeman and her Daughter Shaye Moss
42:29 December lawsuits
56:35 Aftermath: Secretary of State Raffensperger gets selectively tough while facing a primary challenger
01:04:18 So, who really won Georgia and the Electoral College?

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