WND Exclusive - Founding Fathers Save Us Again

2 years ago

by: Brent Smith

At least so far!

Imagine wanting to be “in charge” of something so badly, that you’d do anything - sell anyone out, lie, cheat and steal – whatever it takes.

Well, we’re living the culmination of decades of this desire right now, in what the Blaze’s Steve Deace has coined as Covidstan – a nation, or more apropos, much of the Western world, which has devolved into a government driven state of perpetual fear.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed over the past several decades, that Americans (not all) have developed a dependency on the federal government. The tradition of rugged American independence is long gone, replaced with a helpless waif public ever more reliant on government “Nanny” overseers. And every year Americans get a bit weaker while the government grows stronger and more emboldened – by design.

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