Fraudulent Covid Data

2 years ago

Can we trust the data coming out of Israel's Health Ministry? Founder and Spokesperson, Haim Yativ says that evidence has been uncovered of the vaccine safety fraud mechanism, shedding light on the whole vaccination program process. Topics in this interview:
* Can we trust the data? Our guests say no, and explain why.
* Also, possible neurological damage to kids after being injected with the experimental mRNA shot. Data is presented.
* Data showing suspicions that the Covid19 vaccines harm the fertility of women in vaccinating countries.
* How 'the data' is manipulated to infer a different conclusion regarding vaccine safety and efficiency.

-Presented by guests:

Haim Yativ, Computer Engineer, Founder & Spokesman of - a volunteer organization fighting corruption in Israel.

Dr. Herve Seligmann, a Biomedical Researcher,

Ella Nave, Masters in Public Health

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