Published December 8, 2021 28 Views

June 13th 2019 the United Nations and the World Economic Forum formed an official strategic partnership. To accelerate UN Agenda 2030 and it’s 17 Global Goals.

100’s of organizations are demanding that this partnership is ended as it formalizes a Multi-stakeholder Capitalist Corporate capture of the UN, a Public-Private global governance. Many organizations report that the WEF-UN Partnership agreement de-legitimizes the UN itself.

UN Agenda 2030 is about a global transformation that impacts on everyone’s lives. New Zero Carbon energies, carbon capture, lab grown meats, more crops and chemicals, new electric cars, car batteries, transport systems, infrastructure.

The UN/WEF are seriously concerned about rising nationalism threatening their ideology of multilateralism, therefore they are strengthening their stance in enforcing their pre-planned redesigning, reshaping the world's economy, society

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