1 year ago

Do you struggle with perfectionism?

When we are little, we sometimes come to the conclusion that we have to be ‘good’ to be loved.
Being loved equals survival when we are too small to take care of ourselves.

We spend all our time trying to be good, trying to earn approval, trying to stay in other people’s good books.

Because we want to be loved so much, that we spend a lot of time trying to be perfect.

Later on, we realize that this isn’t working, or that all this effort isn’t paying off.
That it’s a recipe for disaster, but by then, we don’t know how to do or be different.

We are caught on the hook of seeking perfection, and we set cruel goals for ourselves.

Unless we find perfection, nobody can love us, and we are worthless.

We are caught up in the trance of worthlessness, where we believe that unless we find perfection, nobody can love us, so we are worthless.

Does this feel familiar to you?

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