TIN Podcast 003 - Tribalism, Racism, & Anti-Semitism: plus WHO Whistleblower calls out Bill Gates

Daniel and Josh hit on multiple topics today, including the danger of tribalism in Idaho politics, racism and antisemitism, and the profit and control motive for Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci in the "vaccine" mandates.

Daniel Bobinski and Josh Gibbons share their perspectives, PLUS offer a bonus for all listeners at the end of the podcast.

Topics on Today's Show:

1) Tribalism in Idaho Politics is Not Healthy - Candidates must meet their constituents; constituents must meet their candidates - no matter where the platform or who's on the docket

2) Runoff Results in Pocatello - Pocatello came close to getting a solid conservative major, but socialist thinking in college towns makes it tough. But at least Pocatello had the opportunity to elect a conservative, whereas Nampa had "a choice between a turd and a turd sandwich."

3) Racism and Antisemitism - Anti Semitic graffiti appeared near the Anne Frank Memorial in Boise. There is no room for this anywhere on the planet, and especially Idaho. Also - a discussion of Critical Race Theory and how teachers themselves state they will continue teaching CRT, despite people like former Idaho Supreme Court Justice Jim Jones lying to people saying no CRT exists in Idaho.

4) Good news from Russ Fulcher - Six months ago, Congressman Fulcher announced he had renal cancer. Today, with the help of prayer, chemo, surgery, and technology, Russ is cancer-free.

5) Whistleblower at the World Health Organization. The pandemic of lies continues, with Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci driving the profitable "vaccines" that they were a part of creating and implementing. The death rates alone from people getting jabbed should be the reason all "mandates" are brought to a screeching halt - and yet they continued.

Also - Bill Gates wants everyone to buy their "vaccines" from companies that he approves - he won't let other countries create their own vaccines. So - is it about health, or is it about control -- and money?

Link to the Uncancelled New article on the WHO Whistleblower:

BONUS TOPIC: Free document with links to doctor interviews and treatment protocols.
Send an email to TrueIdahoNews@Protonmail.com to get the document for free.

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