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Awaken to 9/11 with an Anesthesiologist/philosopher!

Madhava Setty, MD, is my guest tonight - former Director of Anesthesiology at Lawrence General Hospital, Electrical Engineer, and Author of “WOKE – an Anesthesiologist’s View."

What can an anesthesiologist teach us about 9/11? You’ll be surprised.

This one, who made his own fearful journey through that great awakening moment, asks of us in WOKE, “Why is it so hard to get people to see what’s right in front of them?” It must be something deeper. That’s where were going in this podcast—deeper.

He takes us into our internal responses that form our individual comfort zones out of our deepest need—security. He invites us to look at our own biases that shut down our objectivity – subjecting us further to manipulation as well as tyranny.

Madhava is primarily an anesthesiologist—most interested in how we, as individuals, know what we know. It doesn't require much inquiry to see that most of us adopt narratives largely from what we have been told.

See what being truly awake means to this anesthesiologist. Come…. examine yourself with my guest Madhava Setty. I will join you on this step—outside of our comfort zone!


Madhava Setty graduated from MIT in 1988 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He spent six years in the aerospace and defense industry building simulation systems and computer graphic interfaces. He participated in global research expeditions, including to the polar ice cap funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). Having realized by this time the nature of the Deep State, he refused to be recruited into the darker activities with the military and so began a new career in 1998 at Baylor College of Medicine, emerging with an MD with further training in anesthesiology at UPENN, serving as Chief Resident (2002). Then as Clinical Anesthesiologist and Director of Anesthesia at Lawrence General Hospital (2014-2017). He spends more time writing these days, including Author of the Book "WOKE. An Anesthesiologist's View"
Host of the "Setty Report" on ThePulse.
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