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Secrets of a Successful 9/11 Truth Group: My Guests are from Boston 9/11 Truth

What are the 5 secrets of starting and running a great 9/11 Truth group?

What kinds of events and speakers will bring in the truth-aware people—and the public?

How do you best promote these events out there?

What outreach materials are the most successful?

What kinds of comments and emotions do you get from the public?

How do you maintain relevance 20 years after the events of 9/11/01?

How do you balance your group members’ needs for Freedom of Speech with the groups’ need for coherency and control of topic?

What topics should you embrace? Or avoid?!

What other groups in the 9/11 Truth Movement do you collaborate with to ensure success?

Who do you stay away from?

These are among the nitty gritty questions that we will be tackling on tonight’s RichardGage911:Unleashed! podcast from https://RichardGage911.org

My Guests are Al Magaleta and Christopher Gruener from Boston 9/11 Truth—and they have been at it for about 15 years—since 2007 when they hosted the great documentary by Sophia Smallstorm, “9/11 Mysteries”!

Chris is a licensed Mental Health Counselor, as well as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and has a masters degree in clinical psychology. We hope that he will bring that experience to bear relative to today’s topic—deep denial of 9/11 facts. He also volunteers on worthy charitable efforts such as the School Gardens project in Belize and bicycle related activities in cooperation with Bikes Not Bombs!

Al is a lifelong resident of eastern Massachusetts with 27 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate, property management, and new construction. He even ran his own international export company!

If you listen carefully to the secrets you will learn how to manage your own 9/11 Truth group. And get this…they have even offered to help you personally! Contact them at http://Boston911Truth.org

For more info: https://RichardGage911.org
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