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Robin Hordon, Former Air Traffic Controller: Was 9/11 an Inside Job? Clues from an FAA expert

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6 important questions for you, plus a bonus:

Why didn't the airliners get intercepted on 9/11...as per standard protocol?

Were hijackers really flying the planes?

Was it actual civilian aircraft that hit the Twin Towers?

Why was the Pentagon attacked?

Were the plane-hijacking drills on the morning of 9/11 a coincidence? Did they cause the air traffic controllers confusion?

Why did a “Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction” modify the “Intercept Scramble Protocols" from two protocols into a single one?

Bonus Question: “What was the hijacker’s name that brought WTC 7 down?”

Robin Hordon, former Air Traffic Controller has some answers for you:

Robin Hordon worked at the Air Route Traffic Control Center, located in Nashua, NH, 1970 - 1981.  He was an FAA certified commercial pilot, and FAA certified Flight Instructor and certified Ground Instructor.

In his 11-year FAA career as an Air Traffic Controller, Robin Hordon worked in the development of "procedures and airspace design", including military operations, and was part of the team which trained other Air Traffic Controllers and transitioned the FAA from its old broadband radar and simple flight data processors into the RDP (Radar Data Processing) and computerized radar displays. He was a Facility Training Instructor and was certified to create transcripts from audio tapes, to interpret radar data in tracking aircraft from computer files, and to analyze computer tracking data, all of which would combine to "tell the story"of air traffic incidents.  He was also the main creator of the Boston Center Profile Descent and Metering Program for Boston Logan airport. While "on the boards", He personally worked one commercial airliner hijacking and assisted on another.

Robin states, "I knew within hours of the attacks on 9/11/2001 that it was an inside job, based on my 11-year experience as an FAA Air Traffic Controller in the busy Northeast corridor, including hundreds of hours of training, briefings, air refuelings, low altitude bombing drills, being part of huge military exercises, daily military training exercises, interacting on a routine basis directly with NORAD radar personnel, and based on my own direct experience dealing with in-flight emergency situations, including two instances of hijacked commercial airliners.

He notes, “It is important for people to understand that scrambling jet fighters to intercept aircraft showing the signs of experiencing "IN-FLIGHT EMERGENCIES" such as going off course without authorization, losing a transponder signal and/or losing radio contact is a common and routine task executed jointly between the FAA and NORAD controllers. The entire "national defense-first responder" intercept system has many highly-trained civilian and military personnel who are committed and well-trained to this task.  FAA and NORAD continuously monitor our skies and fighter planes and pilots are on the ready 24/7 to handle these situations.  Jet fighters typically intercept any suspect plane over the United States within 10 - 15 minutes of notification of a problem.”

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