Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Omicron, Vaccine Mandates, Liberty, Conscience & Freedom - WUP 93

1 year ago

In Episode 93 we discuss the Omicron variant and what its influence is on the world. President Biden made it clear that the aim for the new normal is to get everybody vaccinated. What does this have to do with liberty and conscience? We look at what the Bible says on all of this.


US President Joe Biden media address on Omicron response
SABC News YouTube Channel

NIH Director: Omicron 'particularly contagious,' severity remains unknown
Fox News YouTube Channel

Rand Paul responds to Anthony Fauci's 'I represent science' declaration
Fox News YouTube Channel

President Cyril Ramaphosa addresses the nation 1 Feb 2021
eNC YouTube Channel

28 Nov 2021 Govt mulls mandatory vaccinations as 4th wave looms
News24 YouTube Channel

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