Which Pfizer Batch Codes are Toxic? - Craig Paardekooper

2 years ago

Its the question on everyones lips.
Well, I'll try and provide an answer.

Its easy to obtain a list of the Pfizer batch codes from the VAERS database, and count their associated adverse reactions.

In the video I order the batches in order of highest adverse reaction number, and discover that the most toxic Pfizer batches all possess batch codes belonging to the same alphanumeric sequence.

I then proceed to repeat the same discovery for each lower range of toxicity, finding that the batches in each different toxic range possess batch codes that also belong to the same alphanumeric sequence.

Scientists always label each experimental condition with a code so that they can record and monitor the effects of each condition upon their subjects. And Covid 19 vaccines are AN EXPERIMENT !

So it appears that different batches of Pfizer vaccine have been labelled in accordance with their different concentrations (and hence toxicities).

It is easily demonstratable that these toxic batches have resulted in many deaths and disabilities
So we now know that they have been carrying out Lethal Dosage Testing (LD50 Test) upon the American public.

I have published a written report here - https://t.me/covidsciencelibrary/373

Note: Number of deaths caused by a batch has been found to have a high correlation (0.95) with the number of adverse reactions for that batch. However, even though some batches have only 1 adverse reaction report, the reaction may still be severe.

SOURCE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/km7HOyzguuK6/

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