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1 year ago

Batch Numbers Code for Toxicity ! They know which ones are bad

Common Practice : It is common practice for scientists to carefully label their vials and test-tubes, especially in an experiment. Vials are not labelled randomly, but rather denote specific experimental conditions. In this way, they can tell which medical treatment was applied to which person.

Perhaps this was their slip up – their inevitable mistake.

Do Batch Numbers Code for Toxicity? : I had previously discovered what appeared to be a wide variation in batch toxicity, and each batch has a batch code

So naturally I asked the question – do the batch numbers code for different levels of toxicity? Perhaps there is an algorithm – hidden in the batch numbers themselves – revealing the amount of poison within…

Looking at the VAERS Data for Moderna: and I looked at the Moderna batch numbers. Then
I created a pivot table to count the number of adverse reaction reports for each batch. This produced a two column table –

Column 1 = Batch Number

Column 2 = Number of Adverse Reaction Reports

Then I ordered the Batch Number column alpha numerically..

Results : I found that batches associated with very high numbers of adverse reaction reports, almost always ended in 20A or 21A

I manually looked through the first 10000 batches and EVERY SINGLE ONE of the ALPHA-NUMERIC CODES
with very high toxicity ended in either 20A or 21A, Lets look at the video.

Closer examination revealed that EVERY Moderna batch that produced more than 1780 adverse reaction reports, had a batch code ending in 20A, whilst this changed abruptly for batches producing less than 1780 adverse reaction reports - the batch code now ending mostly in 21A.

Not all batches that end in these numbers produce high adverse reactions, but every batch that produced high adverse reactions ended in these numbers.

This is mad. I have to release this information.

You can find the full excel spread sheet here - https://t.me/CovidScienceLibrary/363

And you can find my write up here - https://t.me/CovidScienceLibrary/364

In addition I have analysed Moderna's deployment separately : you can find it here - https://t.me/CovidScienceLibrary/370

SOURCE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/g62gcJrOuOYu/

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