Hate, Propaganda, Fear, and Division. Why is this happening? Death Threats to Marjorie Taylor Greene

Published December 6, 2021 97 Views

Straight Shooting News 12 5 2021 Hate Propaganda Fear Division Why?
US Rep Marjorie Greene and More: After show includes open discussion.

Whatever Happened to Peace, Love and Understanding in America? Did it ever really exist? As a child in the 1960s, I can tell you that there was some hope, but the degree of Peace, Love and Understanding depended on how you were raised and had nothing to do with Hollywood or the Music Industry’s portrayal of what was taking place …

Let’s get a clearer picture of what is taking place today. Are we dealing with Liberals or Dealing with a Communist Agenda set on destroying Our Country.

Re Media Propaganda and Fear Peddling, listen to former HUD Sec and Renown Doctor Ben Carson on Omicron

Viruses mutate and weaken it is normal and not cause for alarm
Data and not ideology
Demonization of unvaxed and fascism
Blame a bad economy
Executive branch lawlessness
Fauci Ideology
Africa where there is no covid issues use Anti-Malaria drugs
Why was Fauci against using HCQ?
Natural immunity
Vax data base!
Constitution and China

Talking about Africa
South African Reporter to Jesse Watters after Psaki dismisses him.
Imagine the reality that just set in for this foreign reporter after being stopped from telling the truth at the press briefing.

There is no OMICRON Crisis in Africa.
Fauci and his minions to Communist Traitors in the Democrat Party and their GOP NEOCONs partners know they have gone too far and they know We the People know.

Graphic Content Warning: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) played death threats.

Media Propaganda, and the Collapse of A Social Morality and Respect is dangerous to the future of Our Nation.

Democrats use State Police to stop GOP Members from entering the chamber without Vax Records or Test Results. When confronted the State Police acted correctly and backed off. Government officials can make all the illegal regulation they want, but will the Police or Military violate their oath to enforce them when We The People do not comply? It is time to find out should anyone try to lock us down again.

NJ Court upheld GOP Members Rights.

Tucker interviewing Roger Stone. Listen closely to what he says about the Jan 6th so-called assault on the capitol:
Who are the Democrats and Secret Service Really working for?

Guilt By Association.

Conspiracy Laws called the "Public Safety Partnership and Community Policing Act of 1994". We knew then that these Unconstitutional laws would be used against all of us. As stated in Marbury vs. Madison in 1803 by the Supreme Court “A Law repugnant to the Constitution is void.”

How do We Counter the Hate Propaganda Fear Division? With the Constitution, because if we don’t Protect and Defend It, We will Lose It! When anyone acts against the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they are an enemy of the state, in violation of their oath and their words are meaningless.

A good example from a committee hearing this week
Jim Jordan "When Was Dr. Fauci Elected to Office?" This is what Scares Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi2yd_VY2TM

We shared this information and ruling on Wednesdays show
The County Judge in Missouri raised this question in his finding just before he invalidated all of the unelected officials’ mandates in his state: A Great Legal Precedent, and Great Guidelines to follow nationwide for filing lawsuits and for judges to utilize in their findings on cases relating to mandates.

I believe the courts aren’t blind about what is taking place, and they can also see the unrest in a heavily armed society patiently waiting for them to take appropriate action. (Chip Roy/Nadler)

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