Scottsdale Unified School District's Cocopah Middle School GSA of the Year award acceptance video

1 year ago

The annual GLSEN Respect Awards ceremony featured Cocopah Middle School GSA which received the Sean Nonnenmacher GSA of the Year Award.

The Sparkle Glitter GLSEN Remote Fundraiser and Respect Awards video features a young girl and her mother who openly discuss the divisions the program has created on the Cocopah campus.

Critics say that GLSEN creates division and place students in either the oppressor or oppressed categories. The young girl discusses the division in this video: "There was a very clear divide in the 6th graders. Those who participated were called 'gay,' and those who did not were called 'homophobic.'"

School officials, Superintendent Scott Mensel and Principal Nick Noonan did not respond to questions regarding what steps are taken by educators officials to address the divisiveness created by DEI/CRT-based curriculum and clubs.

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