Highly Disturbing VAERS Analysis: Clear patterns in toxic vaccine batches - Craig Paardekooper

2 years ago

Craig has made a scatter plot with time on x-axis and number of side effects from VAERS on y-axis. The rolling time corresponds well to the batches used.

The analysis shows that about 80% of the batches have at most 1 or 2 negative side effects per batch. About 19.5% of the batches have side effects well above the background value, and 0.5% of the batches (1 in 200) are extremely toxic, with side effects 1000-5000x times higher than the background value.

When looking at the supplier of the batches, the majority of the serious side effects in the first months of the vaccination campaign can be attributed to Moderna. The exception is a clear peak of Janssen preceding and following Moderna. The last few months have been dominated by side effects of Pfizer.

It is as if every company has bought the exclusive right to cause most of the serious side effects in a certain period of time.

It seems that Pfizer has been running a series of rigorous dosing tests lately (on human guinea pigs), in which they have linearly decreased the dose of some toxic ingredient. It's like they are very scientifically testing the lethal dose.

They have alternated the toxic batches over time with relatively harmless batches. The clusters are not only sharply delineated in time, but also in toxicity.

What Craig clearly shows is that the vaccine batches have a crucial link to the side effects. So it is considerably more than just an individual who happens to be extra sensitive to vaccination or accidentally injecting it into the bloodstream, as Dr John Campbell has pointed out. It is also unlikely that a production error occurred in a single batch by accident.

See also this video by the same author: https://rumble.com/vq9q2n-vaers-analysis-1-in-200-vaccine-batches-has-more-than-1000x-adverse-events-.html

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