"The Lie of Public Safety"--from Dr. DM Haskell's "Vaccine Mandates are the Rehearsal"

2 years ago

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In this excerpt from his larger talk "Vaccine Mandates are the Rehearsal, the Future will be Worse" Prof. David Millard Haskell explains how claims of public safety are used to justify robbing citizens of their freedom.

In his larger talk, Haskell explains that the vaccine mandates are just part of a continuing trend seen over the last few years. Specifically, valid evidence and arguments that contradict narratives promoted by major media, academia, or government get censored or misrepresented; those trying to offer the other side of an issue are punished.

Related to the vaccine mandate, Haskell mentions the growing academic evidence showing that it is not justified scientifically or ethically. See studies below. Please share.

1) Select research studies showing that the vaccinated and unvaccinated catch and spread the Covid-19 virus in equal or near equal measure. Thus, vaccine mandates do not stop the spread and are, in fact, refuted by “the science.”






2) Select research studies showing that the Covid-19 vaccines are solidly linked to elevated rates of negative cardiac/vascular events; in some cases the vaccines have been proven more harmful to younger people than the virus itself.






(NOTE: this final study showing that the Covid vaccine harms young people passed peer-review BUT was removed WITHOUT REASON by the journal editor)

3) The following report from the British Medical Journal provides evidence that Pfizer has falsified data about the safety of its vaccine.


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