December 5th Bible Readings

Published December 5, 2021 48 Views
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Some series are not explicitly covered by LUMO, so appropriate related images are chosen on faith

When I began this project ten years ago, I intended to have a free bible reading available online which children could access. I wanted to have images which were relevant to the passages, but I don't have the technical expertise to source the images. Thanks to Free Bible Images, I have found some. It is not a perfect fit, I hope to do that one day. My sole intention is to serve God by providing this material free, by being respectful and 'true' to the source. The new images from Free Bible Image are excellent. I recommend Free Bible Images as an excellent teaching resource.

Originally I posted the video on Youtube. Youtube shadow banned me, limiting my reach. I wanted it so children could hear the Bible, but Youtube have adjusted the definition of what a child is so I had to label the videos for adults.

Youtube placed adverts on my videos, but refused to allow me to profit from their adverts. I have some two million hits on Youtube .
Re LUMO images
These images are the copyright of the LUMO project (Big Book Media) and distributed for free download, under license exclusively by FreeBibleimages for teaching purposes only. All rights reserved.
Images can be used in educational presentations, blogs and social media with attribution to
These images are not licensed for re-use in video, publishing or other media and cannot be sold under any circumstances or used in any format for commercial gain. As the LUMO project produces its own publishing, photos cannot be licensed to other clients outside of
You cannot redistribute this set of images online but you can create a link to the relevant page on to allow others to download these images under the same Terms of Download.
Downloaded pictures can be used in the retelling of Bible stories and narrative that are faithful to the Biblical account. They are not to be used in any context where the accompanying message is undermining of the Christian faith and gospel.
LUMO project images are being used in this Bible Reading cast.
A years plan to read the bible. Each day new text will be read and by the end of the year both the new and old testament will be completed. Some images free sourced from Cathy Ngo and Accidental mistakes will occur
Ezekiel 47-48, 1 John 3 (NIV)

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