3pm LIVE - COVID-19 vaccines for children. We want to ask: Is it really necessary?

1 year ago

Scroll to 55.20 to start. We begin with a short video excerpt featuring one of our panelists, Dr. Chetty, from our previous event.

About this event
In the last few weeks, we note that a clinical trial for Children’s Vaccines has been launched and that KKH has started looking for trial subjects for the COVID-19 Vaccinations.

Since the launch of the clinical trial, we have received overwhelming questions and enquiries from parents asking about the safety of these vaccines.

The parents’ main concerns are:

1) These vaccines are in trial for 15 months, will MOH be asking parents to vaccinate our children before the trails are over?

2) The vaccination trials should look critically at the safety of the vaccine for children, the short-term and long-term health effects as well as flag any adverse outcomes. However, according to Mr Ong in the ST article, the purpose of KKH trial is to “smoothen operations” rather than studying the suitability of the vaccination for children.

3) Why is MOH purchasing these vaccines before the trials are over? Wouldn’t it affect the judgement of the clinical trials? What’s the point of the trials then if decisions have already been made?

4) Many parents are very worried about consequences for their children: Being ostracised at school, discriminated against in various ways ie unable to attend their CCA, disallowed from attending the graduation ceremony, etc should they be unable to take the vaccines.

What we intend to do:

We are planning to invite MOH and KKH and their panel of doctors to come to a dialogue with the parents so their concerns can be heard. In addition, we also have another panel of doctors who may have other alternative views to the official push/narrative to vaccinate children to present their views as well as to ask your questions regarding the vaccines to MOH in a public forum. In the very likely event that MOH rejects our invitation, we will carry on to have the meeting on our own.

Why this Public Forum

We believe going public is the way to go because vaccination affects the lives and safety of our children. We would like these issues of public health and safety concerning our children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces to be done in a transparent manner with full accountability to the public, as lives are at stake.

We care very much for the lives and safety of our children so we, as members of the public, would like to protect and keep our doctors safe while speaking up.

We believe that this is the only way to keep our Public Health System accountable & mindful of the fact that they are not given a blank cheque & can run roughshod over everyone, especially responsible & compassionate doctors who only have their patients’ welfare at heart.

We hope that all doctors in our country can answer this call for transparency and accountability to our nation for this vaccination programme and be part of this meeting to seek some much-needed answers from MOH. The lives of our children and the future of this nation, SINGAPORE, is at stake.

We welcome parents, doctors and members of the public to join us in this important event to ask and answer the question:

Is Covid-19 Vaccines necessary for 5-11 year olds.

Let's do our parts to protect our children, the future of our nation.

Feel free to join our telegram group for parents t.me/htdparents

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