360 Wisdom Speaks Presents-Dr. April Lynn James

2 years ago

April Lynn James, PhD is a pioneering entrepreneur, speaker, author, and soprano. She is the corporeal half of April plus Madison, a Wonderland-inspired expressive arts and holistic wellness enterprise fueled, in part, by the whimsical rhymes composed and declaimed by her guardian angel, Madison Hatta, Sonneteer. Together, they help people connect with Spirit through PLAY-shops.

Contact April James
Website https://www.aprilplusmadison.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/April-plus-Madison-1414392788775159
YouTube https://www.linkedin.com/in/aprillynnjames/
Email dr.april@aprilplusmadison.com
Shop The Whimsical-Tea Shop on Zazzle: https://www.zazzle.com/store/april_plus_madison
Free eBook: https://www.tenwaystoplayitforward.com
Dr. April’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aprillynnjames/

Welcome awakened beings from across the world, the known universe, and other realms seeking to ascend into the higher levels of consciousness!
During 360 Wisdom Speak, Nicole Borghi & Beverly Zeimet will share where conscious connection happens. Hang on tight while the Enlightened Enchantresses empowers you with good vibes, laughter, light and love. Strap on your jet pack and prepare for take-off. We’ll traverse through the realms of transformation. Enjoy the journey as you soar alongside your guardian angels and spirit guides! 360 Wisdom Speaks awakens the heart, illuminates the Soul with quantum frequency vibration, and inspires one to live life to its fullest. Feel into the passion of raw emotion and personal action. Shift! From the overwhelming feeling of not being enough, to a positively empowered being. Are you ready to be spiritually woke! A funny twist on spirituality. I offer quick life hacks. Spirituality should be easy and FUN! Infused with Light and Love.
Just try and resist the need to BINGE watch my channel. It's addicting. Just YouTube and Chill with a BFF. Enjoy the videos as you awaken your soul.

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