DT&T StillWell Star Navy No.1056 Cigar Review

Published December 3, 2021 93 Views

DT&T StillWell Star Navy No.1056 Cigar Review - This 6x52 stick features a dark chocolate firmly packed slightly toothy dry wrapper with a large double cap and a very potent sweet fire cured tobacco aroma. The first light reveals a perfect draw with mild-medium bodied notes of a minty zing, generic earth but light on the tongue, bit of spice through the smooth finish and very smooth retro. The first third is a sweet bread, creamy texture, slight spice and light earth with just a hint of the fire cured like taste on the tail of the finish, it's barely there. Burn is ok but not burning well on it's own set down very long. The 1/2 way point comes at 35 minutes with a better burn, medium body and no flavor shifts. Ending at 1:15 the last third remained the same.

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