It has to Stop...

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2 years ago

We know it has to but will it????
More crazy from around the Geopolitical world and how things are looking at home....
Joe Biden is known as the creepy man that loves to sniff little girls and their mothers. The old man has a track record of making women feel uncomfortable around him by acting and intentionally sniffing their hair. And on several occasions, the women have even backed away from the man to create space between the two since he likes to get upfront and personal.

This time around, it would be the girls that get the last laugh. When the time came for the president to pardon the turkey for the “Pardoning of the National Thanksgiving Turkey,” Biden tried to move in really close to the little girl only to have her elbows in his face.

Biden saw the little girl and started to make his way towards her. Her mother was holding her as the old man grew closer and closer. It was a scene out of a horror show as the monster gets closer to the little girl. The little girl turned her head in fear and put up her arms to keep the small man away from her face. Joe Biden tried to poke through her defenses with his finger to try and make contact.

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