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Sim*Dissect - 1: Introduction

An introduction to Sim*Dissect and Contents of the Module.

The Sim*Dissect Learning System provides learning and practice opportunities to gain skill in simple dissection skills. In particular, this module addresses the need to accurately use both hands in a coordinated fashion while dissecting tissue planes.

Initially, learning tasks focus on training the non-dominate hand to use tissue forceps in a variety of exercises ranging from placing beads on a post to cutting forms from paper and cloth. Once the simultaneous use of the forceps and scissors becomes comfortable, the learner then practices "retract and cut" techniques to remove masses and veins from simulated sub-cutaneous tissues.

The novel dissection practice board contains multiple structures to be dissected away from surrounding tissues and provides a realistic experience for the practice of dissection skills. All required instruments and materials are included in the module including a guideline book which explains and directs the practice exercises.

Learn more at https://sim-vivo.com/simdissect.html

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