12/23/12 Can Good Find Common Ground with Evil? (Archive)

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Amid the evil exploitation of the Newtown school shooting, Jesse asks how you overcome evil within and in the world.
00:00 Sun, Dec 23, 2012
01:01 "Common ground"?
11:40 "Hypocrisy"?
17:22 How to fight evil?
19:35 Living hell
22:48 Why not let go?
30:26 Why Christians lose
33:36 No common ground
38:39 Stop fighting
40:09 Baby Hake, age 31
45:17 Mary can't let go
47:02 Aussie: Will to let go
48:20 JLP: Satan names it
59:14 Support BOND

BOND Archive Sunday Service, December 23, 2012: Jesse Lee Peterson discusses the push of evil in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. Do not expect evil to be consistent; it's not hypocritical — its whole purpose is to deceive and destroy. Even many Christians are seduced by evil in its weakness or attempt to get along with evil, and later find themselves overcome by hell. How do you overcome evil in your own life? Jesse warns against judgment, and urges honesty and courage.

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