Dorsey out, even more Woke in; and the OMG! variant whacks the West

Published December 2, 2021 13,047 Views

South Africa has practiced and modeled good science and good sense in detecting, assessing and sequencing the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Or, as we’ve dubbed it here, the “OMG! Variant.”
The cretins at the helm of the international COVID cartel, based in DC, were having none of it. Ethics and efficacy be dammed, they suspended travel to and from a poor nation, South Africa, which, unlike China—free to spread disease with impunity—is incapable of retaliating. For this and much more; David and ilana think The West is a disgrace.

David has been banned by Jack Dorsey’s Twitter; ilana is shadow-banned and throttled. But for the Wokerati, Dorsey is just not woke enough. Enter Parag Agrawal. Twitter’s new CEO is even less wedded to the First Amendment of the US Constitution than Dorsey. Agrawal, whose ideas about American liberty come from Stanford, Microsoft and Mumbai, thinks his role is to make public discourse healthier. Oh, for the days when businessmen stuck to their mandate: doing business.

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