Super Intergalactic Wrestling TV - "Intergalactic League: Knockout Round 1 Part 1" - January 7, 2022

Published January 7, 2022 87 Views

Super Intergalactic Wrestling TV
January 7, 2022
"Intergalactic League: Knockout Round 1 Part 1"

MGM Grand
Las Vegas, Nevada

64 wrestlers remain in the Intergalactic League. This week, part one of the first knockout round begins! Over the next two weeks, 32 matches with no time limits and no disqualifications will decide who advances in the League.

Jacques Rougeau vs Big E
The Ultimate Warrior vs Finn Balor
Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs Bobby Roode
Road Warrior Animal vs Perry Mason
Jado vs Taz
Cactus Jack vs Apollo Crews
AJ Styles vs Daniel Boone
Michael P.S. Hayes vs Mitsuharu Misawa
Sting vs Bret Hart
Nikita Koloff vs Keith Lee
Dr. Tom Prichard vs Ricky Steamboat
Terry Gordy vs Mike Awesome
Masahiro Chono vs Raven
Rick Steiner vs Jon Moxley
Dory Funk Jr. vs Kenta Kobashi
Scott Steiner vs Samoa Joe

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