QAnon Interview with Jake Angeli, Jacob Chansley, aka QAnon Shaman

Published December 1, 2021 160 Views

Prescott Valley (10/22/20) - In this interview Jake Angeli, a self proclaimed Q supporter and shaman, discusses his viewpoints on current US Politics. A few days after making this video Jake Angeli was widely recognized in participating in the January 6, 2021 US Capitol events, including entering the Chamber of Congress.

Jake is commonly seen wearing a unique appearance of patriotic themed face color paint, no shirt, and a furry horned hat. His unique appearance has allowed him to infamously receive wide media coverage. He is currently under multiple investigation as to what his role was during the Capitol events and faces some serious charges.

This footage was taken at an Arizona Trump rally. If you'd like to license this video, please email us.

We have reposted this video to Rumble after it being memory-holed on YouTube with the Ghislaine Maxwell case. It appears Google is running cover by removing the video on their platform.

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