President Trump's Assistance in the Epstein - Maxwell Indictments

2 years ago

So far, during the Ghislaine hearing this morning the defense has been listing off names while they question the witnesses. The names thus far have been:

- Les Wexner
- Prince Andrew
- Former President Bill Clinton
- Former President Donald Trump
- John Glenn
- Kevin Spacey
- George Mitchell

The defense doesn’t want names being exposed but they sure wanted that list read down until they got to a *certain* one.

Since the Media is going to try and make Ghislaine Maxwell's trial now about Trump, let’s put this on blast and share as far and wide as we can.

Trump was against Epstein.

Remember these facts about Trump:

- He barred Epstein from Mar-a-lago in the 90’s when Epstein was found out.
- He assisted Florida police in their investigation of Epstein in the 90’s.
- He protected one of Epstein’s victims when they were on the run from Epstein.
- There is no evidence he flew on Lolita express, Trump has denied these allegations.
- Trump served as POTUS for 4 years and during that time of being vetted more than anyone else in history they were never able to link Trump in any relation to Epstein.

For Transcriptions of Ghislaine Maxwell's Trial, visit the Uncensored Storm blog.

So far:

👉Day 1 Transcripts-

👉Day 2 Transcripts-

🛩Epstein Flight Logs:


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