Escaping Childhood Trauma and The Sex Industry

2 years ago

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Amy Pfeffer is a professional counselor, life coach, and advocate for those who are escaping the sex industry. She's also a poised speaker, and saxophonist with a great singing voice. You never would expect that her own childhood was filled with trauma and abuse as her family was entrenched in the sex industry. However, God made a way and turned her mess into a mission!

In this hard hitting interview, you will hear transparent life stories from both sides of the table, and we hope that this interview provides hope and direction for those who are trapped in the sex industry as well as addicted to what it offers.

0:00: Chapter 1: Who is Amy Pfeffer

6:30: Chapter 2: Biosecurity Explained

12:00: Chapter 3: Amy's Story of Abuse and Childhood in the Sex Industry

30:00: How Amy broke out and found Christ

42:50: God Turned the Mess into Mission!

53:30: Why so Many in America Remain Asleep to Evil

Amy's Recommendations:

My Friend, there's been something holding you back in your life and you know it. When a problem exists for many years, it threatens to become our identity. We can think that our life is defined by that problem. It causes us to avoid the topic altogether, or it can cause us to hyper-focus on it. A brighter future is waiting, and it is closer than you think!

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