The Black Magic of Philanthropy ft. Gates, Clintons, Abramovic, Gaga, W.H.O +more

2 years ago

Evil posing as good has inverted our culture. I show you how, and where it is going from here. Topics covered: Bill Gates, Marina Abramovic, "Art," Wholesomeness, Trans Kids, Virtual Reality, The W.H.O, Lady Gaga, Oprah, Child Trafficking, the Clinton Foundation, Haiti, John of God, Pizza-gate and more
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AMAZING POLLY VIDEO re Comet PIzza (and other things):
Wholesome Vox article:
Microsoft Patent:
Gates Second Largest Funder WHO:
Bitcoin News:
NYT Abramovic whining:
VIDEO Out of Shadows:
National File Rothschild Abramovic:
Rockefeller LOCK STEP:
Haiti Child Trafficking, Silsby Clinton, HARVARD Human Rights,:

DC Dirty Laundry:

Daily Mail UN Workers:

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