TIN Podcast 002-Central Cmte Action & Concerns of Intellectual Dishonesty - in Politics AND Medici

2 years ago

As the saying goes, all politics are local, and several County Republican Central Committees are definitely doing politics. Canyon County is experiencing a shakeup in attempt to get people back in step with following party rules, and Kootenai County recently made a bold political statement of it own.

Daniel Bobinski discusses these events, plus takes issue with poor politics occurring among Republicans in the Governor's race, where intellectual honesty has been in short supply in a letter making the rounds on social media. He also discusses the blind obedience to a medical narrative that has no basis in facts, with nothing but crickets coming from medical professionals who seem incapable of defining "medical misinformation."

Topics on today's show:

1) The Canyon County Republican Central Committee is in a leadership kerfluffle

2) The Kootenai County Republican Central Committee votes to condemns the actions of 49 legislators

3) Intellectual Dishonesty in the Governor's Race

4) Democrats are pouring money into Idaho, and they're being deceptive to their donors

5) Doctors are being threatened, and because of that, they are not all being truthful

LINKS mentioned in the show:

Kootenai County Republicans Pass Resolution to Condemn Legislators Who Voted to Censure Rep. Giddings

49 Idaho Legislators Who Don't Care About the Truth

Glenn Beck's Special 2-hour video:
Crimes or Cover-up? Exposing the World's Most Dangerous Lie

Documents referenced in Glenn Beck's special:

Videos by Dr. John Campbell about Vitamin D

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