Teenager has a Neurological Reaction to the Pfizer Vaccine

1 year ago

Abby, a perfectly healthy teenager, had a neurological reaction after her first Pfizer vaccine. Her right arm still shakes uncontrollably seven months after receiving the first dose of her Pfizer vaccine.

Abby's school has denied her medical exemption and is not allowing her to play team sports unless she takes the second dose of the vaccine.

"There are no long-term studies available. Abby is the study. It's been almost seven months since Abby received the vaccine. Her right arm continues to shake. After exercise, with any weight bearing exercise, it shakes uncontrollably. All student athletes were given an ultimatum. If they refuse to be vaccinated, they will be thrown off the team. We requested a medical exemption and it was denied. We were told 'there are two other vaccines to try'. I am asking all of you tonight, do not let our children be guinea pigs. Allow parents to choose what is right for our kids. America is built upon freedom of choice."

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