Episode 1: "And they're off!"

2 years ago

In this wide-ranging conversation, retired journalists Howard and Corrin cover the dismal state of journalism and education today, Corrin's federal lawsuit against the NYS Health Department, the possibility of Upstate succeeding from NY and the question of whether we are on the verge of another Civil War.
Oh, and of course, what podcast would be complete in 2021 without touching on the VAX issue? There is probably more than enough here to get us banned off every major platform and we are just getting warmed up!
After many years as a graphic artist, Corrin is teaching himself video editing, so please be patient! (the audio and video are out of synch is some spots)

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Here are some links to things mentioned in the show:

1. Corrin's amended complaint filed in federal court in October is here:

2. My motion for an injunction filed on Dec. 13, 2021 is here:


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