💥 Nov 23 2021 - Juan O Savin w/ Spaceshot76 - Nuremberg Type Trials ARE Coming

Published November 28, 2021

* Important Spike Protein Treatment Info + Just The SITREP Edit *

- Capitol Punishment (The Movie), Jan 6th Documentary, Now Released

- Many Things Happening Behind The Scenes At GITMO
- The Awan Brothers Pakistan Comms Treason Case Is NOT Over, Those Crimes Will Be Prosecuted
- We Have Other MIL Max Sites Besides GITMO ;)
- The Maxwell Case Will Expose A Much Larger Network And Other Locations
- Three-Letter Agencies Will Be Exposed
- Obama's CIA Ties & Fake Life Will Be Exposed
- The Military Industrial Complex Will Be Exposed
- Once The Arrests Begin To Occur It Will Be Stunning
- There's Much More Than Durham & Maxwell Happening
- The Timing Is The Timing, But We're Very Close Now
- The Pressure To Withdraw The 2020 Vote Certifications Will Continue To Build, We're Not Done With The 2020 Vote
- More Durham Indictments + GITMO Nuremberg Type Trials Are Not That Far Out In The Future
- The Trump Strategy Around WarpSpeed Vaccines Is More Complex Chess Than Most Think
- Disney Backing Down On Vax Mandates = Signal That Mandates Are Not Going To Be Able To Last Much Longer
- Your Body Begins To Replicate/Manufacture Spike Proteins After About 45-60 Days After Vax
- Shedding Happens In Multiple Ways
- Even The Unvaxxed Can Accumulate Shedded Spike Proteins
- Juan Picked Up A Very High Amount Of Spike Proteins At The Vegas Event
- Spike Protein Treatment Is Possible With 20-30 Second Specialized Precise Ultrasound Frequencies
- Other Treatments Are Needed For Spike Proteins In The Vascular System
- There's Going To Be The Ability To Treat Large Numbers Fairly Easily
- Maintenance Will Be Long Term As The Spike Proteins Are Now Deeply Spread Throughout The Population
- Anti-static ESD Type Clothing Helps To Keep Spike Proteins From Being Attracted To The Body
- There Is Plenty Of Hope, We're Not Done
- We Have A Lot Going On, Behind The Scenes, Keep The Faith
- Nobody Knows Exactly What's Going On At GITMO, Anyone That Says They Do Is Full Of _____
- More Will Come Out Regarding The Economy & Currency Issues


Juan O Savin

The Called - Makings for a Perfect Day - with Juan O Savin (a 74 minute film) by Jennifer Mac


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