Creep CALLED OUT For Taking Pics Of Man's Daughter At Walmart

Published November 27, 2021 140 Views

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Creep CALLED OUT For Taking Pics Of Man's Daughter At Walmart

Source: David Medina on Facebook

Caption: "My daughter and I went to Walmart, minding our own business, when we noticed this weird guy following us.
I looked over and the dude was literally trying to blend in to the clothing racks while taking a picture of my 14 year old daughter. I confronted him and what you see in the video is what ensued.
The guy said he was taking pictures because we weren’t wearing masks, but who knows if that’s actually all the way true (pedo vibes). If you wanted to know what a cvd, cultist snitch looks like…here’s one.
This is the type of dude who praises Governor Brown in the comments on social media and snitches on his neighbors for having too many people at Thanksgiving.
🙏🏽 HUGE shout out to Walmart, and the customers, who shamed this man for his behavior. Walmart banned him from the store and the police were called. When the police made contact with him, they let him go because they said they couldn’t charge him with anything.
➡️ I hope this inspires you all to stand up against this nonsense. These cvd cultists have a false sense of superiority because they feel empowered by the government. I’ll tell you one thing though, I don’t think he’ll be harassing anyone anytime soon."

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