AZ Truth Tellers Town Hall- Election Fraud Evidence Exposed Part 2 of 3

2 years ago

The Truth Shall Set Us FREE!

On November 7, 2021, the first of it's kind Truth Tellers Town Hall came to be. This is a platform for everyday Americans to have their say and share what they saw during the 2020 General Election cycle.

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The following “Audit Report” was compiled from notes taken on a white board throughout the 4 hour “Truth Tellers Town Hall” hosted by Gail Golec, Citizen Journalist, Realtor and AZ Candidate for Maricopa County Board of Supervisor and Jason Funes, Former Trump Administration Official & Campaign Staff. Volunteers from Election Day, the audit, or canvassers signed a disclaimer before publicly speaking, and they were given 5 minutes to tell their experiences. We often times asked follow up questions from the speaker or the audience and allowed for people to go over on their time.

We discussed topics as a large group allowing everyone in the audience to speak, and the following bullet point style report came as a result.

The commentary from people’s individual testimony was compiled as bullet points and divided into three categories depending on if their testimony related to election day issues, audit related issues, or canvassing findings.

Here is a link to the Full Truth Tellers Audit Report:

Conclusions & Recommendations

After 4 hours of witness testimony from this “Truth Tellers Town Hall,” anyone with common sense could tell that this past 2020 Presidential election was illegal, illegitimate, and was ridden with voter fraud which could have easily affected the outcome of Arizona’s 2020 Presidential election results. If all of this happened here in Arizona, any of this could have easily happened in any state across America. The margin of a Biden victory in Arizona’s Presidential election was only 10,457 votes. There was easily enough voter fraud discovered between the audits and the door-to-door canvassing to call into question the official results of the election. It seems criminally irresponsible for elected officials in Arizona to have allowed the alleged results of the election to be certified.

The testimony of an audience of volunteers outright contradicts the claims made in Washington D.C by the Arizona Senate Liaison to the Cyber Ninjas audit, Mr. Ken Bennett. In fact, it seems like Mr. Bennett outright lied about what he saw during the audit process. Similar to Mr. Bennet, it seems that Arizona Senate President Karen Fann is also publicly claiming that there was no voter fraud and/or there was not enough voter fraud to affect the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election. It is mathematically impossible for so many anomalies to have occurred during the counting of votes on election night, during the audit, and for the canvassers to have discovered so many “phantom” & “ghost voters” across Arizona. For there to be such a prevalent 95:5 ratio of Biden versus Trump votes in such a 50/50 election makes absolutely no logical sense.

Our desire would be for the 2020 Federal elections to be nullified, and a new same day election be held on paper ballots. We understand the Constitutional crisis that this may implicate as this would be unprecedented, yet this would be the only thing that would be fair to each individual citizen across this Nation, so to ensure their Constitutional rights to freely elect their government officials and consent to their rule. We would also demand that EVERY voter show a valid government issued ID in order to vote anywhere in America.

The Permanent Early Voting List should be eliminated completely There should be allowances for Absentee ballots to be provided for by special request every Election based upon circumstances, such as service in the military, work constraints, and physical impairments. No other mail in ballots shall be accepted.

Current Federal and state election laws should be adhered to, and the excuse of using COVID-19 to violate current election laws and practices should not have robbed Us of a legal and legitimate Election in 2020, but it did. We demand that our Federal Government return to pre-COVID election practices across America.

At this moment in time, we are experiencing a constitutional crisis whether we like it or not. However, our nation is more united now to stand up against a corrupt Federal Government than ever in our history before. The fact that “Let’s Go Brandon” is the most popular chant at public events across America and music charts, just anecdotally shows how mainstream it is in America that people believe Joe Biden is an illegitimate President and that President Trump truly won the 2020 Presidential election. The People of Arizona demand that arrests be made for election laws that were violated, and justice be served for those in the highest level of government authority who were supposed to oversee the integrity of this past 2020 election. We are either a nation of laws or no nation at all.

May God Bless America & let freedom ring!

In Liberty,

Gail Golec and Jason Funes


Please share this video with everyone. There is so much misinformation out there. We must get the truth to as many people as We can, on our own as we are keenly aware that the enemy of the People is the Main Stream Media and they will not report this truth.

Calls To Action:

1)If you saw something, please say something. I am collecting Affidavits to present to the proper authorities. For instructions and an Affidavit Template to fill out please click here. It is very important!

2) Contact Attorney General Brnovich at
(602) 542-5025. He should sign on to the Lawsuit that is going before SCOTUS to review the evidence of Fraud. We also want a Grand Jury and Indictments and we want them from the TOP down.

3) Contact Governor Doug Ducey: (602)542-4331 and demand a Special Session. We must nullify this Election.

4) Contact Senate President Karen Fann and demand her resignation now, not in 2023. She has no intention on Fixing 2020 First. She must resign now.

5) Text J6 to 53445 to support the Political Prisoners.

It is through the election process that We have a peaceful transfer of power. We the People demand that We get Our Power of Our Sacred American Vote back!

We the People demand, legal, legitimate and transparent elections and that must start with Banning all the Machines!!

Please consider helping to support this battle to restore the Republic. My investigative journalism and activist role in fighting for freedom here in Arizona and across America speaks for itself. Americans want legitimate, legal, and transparent elections!!

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Article 7.7 of the AZ State Constitution states: "In all elections held by the people in this state, the person, or persons, receiving the highest number of legal votes shall be declared elected."

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