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Vaccine Mandates are the Rehearsal, the Future will be Worse--Prof. Haskell

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Prof. David Millard Haskell (Wilfrid Laurier University) warns students---now banned from their university campuses for resisting the unscientific & immoral vaccine mandates--that the injustice they are experiencing is just the beginning.

Links to studies proving that the mandate is not supported by the most current research are found below.

Dr. Haskell explains that the current tyranny of government and university officials is just part of a trend developing for years; furthermore, he predicts that things are going to get worse.

He shows that university professors and administrators claiming that they stand for inclusion and equity, are not truthful.

He concludes with a call to action.

Students suffering this injustice who do not have a supporting community are encouraged to contact Dr. Haskell at his university email; he will try to connect you to like-mined others who will stand by you.

Dr. Haskell mentions research studies showing that the vaccinated and unvaccinated catch and spread the Covid-19 virus in near equal measure. Thus, the vaccine mandates do not stop the spread and are, in fact, refuted by "the science." Here are a few of those studies:






Dr. Haskell mentioned research studies showing that the Covid-19 vaccines have been proven more harmful to younger people than the virus itself. Here are a few of those studies:





https://retractionwatch.com/2021/10/25/covid-19-vaccine-myocarditis-paper-to-be-permanently-removed-elsevier/ (NOTE: this final study showing that the Covid vaccine harms young people passed peer-review BUT was removed WITHOUT REASON by the journal editor)

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