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EU is not a democracy anymore, members of parliament can't enter the building.

Members of parliament who not comply to take these medical experimental gene entering shots, medical experimental shots which is against the Nuremberg code, is hindered to not enter the building to do their job as elected officials.

Christian Terhes and Ivan Sincic, two parliamentarians of the EU parliament and open opponents of the vaccine passport, have been standing outside the entrance of the EU parliament for 2 hours, they are no longer allowed in.

It is against the Law to force people to take medical experimental shots against their will. Therefore it can not be Lawful to force people to get Covid passports / certificates to enter public buildings or public places.

There is no evidence at all which can prove that the Covid-19 medical experimental injections will have any protection against transferring the disease.

But the opposite, it is a lot of evidence that you become a super-spreader when injected with this Covid-19 injections with a high viral load. Called shedding.

Most people on hospitals for sickness in Covid-19 is now fully injected people with the Covid-19 medical experiment, so where is the common sense?

Most of the people have been tricked to take these injections without opportunity to informed consent. That is a Crime Agains Humanity. A crime against the Nuremberg code and Declatation of Helsinki.

Therefore it is no common sense in stopping people based on Covid-19 passports / certificates.

It is not Lawful nor Legal.

You can see more of these members of parliament in the links below.
Corona-Investigative-Committee with Reiner Fuellmich
1:55 in to this hearing.


Also see this press conference.


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