FDA Makes Fools Of Pfizer ‘Clot-Shot’ Recipients; Candace Kneecaps Caucasians

2 years ago

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has agreed to release the data upon which it relied to license Pfizer’s mRNA Covid-19 vaccine by the year … 2076, over the course of the next 55 years!! What this means is that the FDA has de facto classified this data, belatedly requested, via the Freedom of Information Act by “more than 30 professors and scientists from universities including Yale, Harvard, UCLA and Brown.”
Candace Owens delivers a knee-capping of a different kind to an exceedingly vulnerable Caucasian America. To wit, Darrell Brooks is the black supremacist who used his vehicle to mow down and murder white grannies and grandkids parading in Waukesha, Wisconsin. But if you dared to consider the race of Brooks in a hate crime motivated by race—you were boorishly berated by Owens as “brainwashed!”

HARD TRUTH with David Vance and ilana mercer debates these and other thorny issues and wishes a happy Thanksgiving to our American Hard Truthers!

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