FrankWOKEnstein can't be controlled, due to WFOB Disease

Published November 23, 2021 111 Views

Rumble Woke Identity Politics is the Frankenstein the left & the MSM produced and created. They also have infected the SHINE aka Black CommuniTAY with the terrible WFOB disease ( White Folks On the Brain) . Bill Maher has been tasked to come out try to reel in what HE & his counterparts created.

1. Kyle Rittenhouse says this case has nothing to do with race

2. Bill Maher the Messaging Czar for Lunatic Liberals tries to reel in the left on their stupid policies Defund the Police, White People Suck , everyone white is racist. The whole demonizing white people narrative that been going on for since Obama was in office... TOO LATE

3. After the Rittenhouse verdict BLM in NYC chanting in every city burn the precincts to the ground 80 black looters rob Nordstroms in Walnut Creek , CA

4. The Civil War on the left expands to with sensible Liberals who will not EMBRACE a lie to push a fake race narrative. Many liberal are waking up to the deception and division being pushed by the MSM which is owned by Jews. Recorded video by Liberal realizing he was lied about the Rittenhouse case by the MSM

5. CNN finally reporting the FACTS about the Kyle Rittenhouse case like they just got this information. when their was plenty of video evidence that showed exactly what they are reporting today..

6. Kyle Rittenhouse on Biden calling him a White Supremacist It's actual malice, defaming my character, for him to say something like that

7. Joy Reid is in a hotel room melting down on air, compares Kyle Rittenhouse to a slave-catcher

8. MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross calls Kyle Rittenhouse a “little murderous white supremacist

9. ESPN a sports network gets a panel of black puppet for the Ashkenazi Jesuit owned media to fan the flame of faux racial outrage over the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict..

10. Youtube - Jasmyne Contours uploaded video for conservatives
"What Conservatives Should Learn From Rittenhouse" I agree with 99.95% of what she said in this video. Have even said similar things about these SHINES on the left who have totally sold their souls to to Satan that they support everything , now openly supporting a pedophile who raped 5 young boys.

11. Kyle Rittenhouse had an exclusive interview on Tucker Carleson it was strange because right out the gate he says his previous defense lawyers John Pierce and Lin Wood tried to "raise money so they can take it for their own benefit. Not trying to set me free.... Which I question of all the things he could have talked about and attack to go after Linn Woods seems like a divide and conquer strategy on the right, & also a way to discredit Woods so people would not pay attention to the things he called out about the pedophiles & child traffickers in our government ranks.

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