Is He Trying To COMMUNIZE our Banks? Trish Regan Show Ep 215

Published November 22, 2021 4,291 Views
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Has Biden Always Been This Dumb? It's a fair question given his latest move.

President Joe Biden just made a massive political mistake by nominating Saule Omarova -- a woman who seems to want to socialize, or even COMMUNIZE, our American banking system.

Why is he courting the the radical left with moves like this? Trish Regan examines what Omarova has written about the need to shift consumer bank deposits to the Federal Reserve...thereby creating a government monopoly in banking.

Plus, what's the REAL cost of Biden's "$1.7 triillion" stimulus? The cost of this social infrastructure program has Trish liking gold --even more-- as an investment to help hedge risk.

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