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Healthcare Workers Are Heading to Lansing Dec 8TH, 2021

Are you a healthcare worker in Michigan who wants to stand up with your colleagues against mandates and the great crisis that Michigan healthcare workers and patients are facing?

This is not a partisan issue… this is a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE. In fact, it’s our brown and black and minority communities whom will face the greatest harm from this healthcare crisis!

Dec 8th should be the greatest sick day walk out the state has ever seen. We have press coming. We have a film crew flying out. We have to make this BIG. There will NEVER be another chance like this to make our voices heard. We are at a tipping point and it’s now or never to let your voices be heard in a big way!

Join us on December 8th in Lansing. We will be building teams and making meetings with lawmakers with core influencers in the medical field all throughout the day.

We need our healthcare workers/administrators there in their white coats and scrubs, flooding the halls and lobbies of the capital buildings, pulling out (lobbying) senators and representatives off the senate and house floors, and having in-person meetings in their offices.

Let’s all be a voice together! This is OUR TIME to make a difference and stop the insanity!

We will be calling a press conference at the end of the day. There will be a film crew there all day. We amazing and brave Frontline Doctors showing up to stand with us!  Jon us! Be BRAVE! LETS DO THIS!

This Registration form is for those who want to be strategically placed in legislative meetings with a team. We need constituents from every district. It’s time Michigan stood together and saved freedom of choice.
(We also need patients that have compelling stories to share their stories with lawmakers if it’s regarding: lack of appropriate treatment, V-injured, deprived of Tx due to V-status, or a minority who’s healthcare is underserved and/or if you are being discriminated against). Register here:

We also need sponsors/donations for this event in Lansing on Dec 8th and a speaking event with Dr. John Thomas, whom is flying in from Texas, and Dr. Christina Parks (and maybe Dr. Avery Jackson) who are trying to reach the black/brown and minority communities in the Detroit Wayne County areas to help save them from the misinformation campaigns that are not allowing them to take control of their health and empower them with tools that could save their lives. Donation link for this United Healthcare Workers Initiative here: https://paypal.com/pools/c/8ENNzS1icy

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