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Spinach and Cardiovascular Health. A CytoSolve Molecular Systems Analysis.

In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA shares CytoSolve's latest research on the effects of compounds in Spinach on Cardiovascular Health.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, world-renowned engineer, scientist, educator, entrepreneur, activist, and author, is a Fulbright Scholar, Westinghouse Science Honors Awardee, Nominee for the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, who has published in major peer-reviewed journals such as IEEE, Nature Neuroscience, CELL's Biophysical Journal. He is dedicated to educating world on the Science of Systems that is Beyond Black & White, Beyond Left and Right, so Working People Unite for Truth Freedom Health.

Only a Systems Science Approach can provide a comprehensive method to understand connections among the parts of any system to elicit the scientific truth.

Dr.SHIVA teaches a course Foundations of Systems so YOU can understand the science of all systems to reveal three principles:

1) interconnection of Truth Freedom Heath;
2) why a bottom's up decentralized movement is necessary win #TruthFreedomHealth; and,
3) the insidious not-so-obvious-establishment which is the eternal disturbance to winning #TruthFreedomHealth.

Learn the Foundations of System. Sign up at TruthFreedomHealth.com to become a #TruthFreedomHealth Warrior-Scholar.

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