Jedediah Bila Responds Triumphantly After 'The View' Hosts Go Vaxx-Nanny on Her

Published November 17, 2021 204,861 Views
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When Jedediah Bila returned to The View, this time as a guest, she thought she was just coming on to talk about her new book, "Dear Hartley." What she didn't expect was for her former colleagues to attack her for her stance against medical tyranny and her status as unvaccinated.

I had the opportunity to interview Bila following the attacks she suffered at the hands of her former colleagues. She gave her response to The View and discussed her new book, Dear Hartley, which is available right now at

While always professional, it was clear that she was not happy with the way The View hosts treated her, cutting her off constantly as she attempted to explain he stances.

I asked her what she would like to say to them since they didn't give her an opportunity to respond to their attacks. Instead of letting emotion get the best of her, she applied the same scientific understanding that unambiguously backs those who do not believe in the mandates.

"Compassion needs to go all ways, and I am compassionate to people who want to get vaccinated, who feel that's the best recourse, but again, is the vaccine protective?" she asked. "Because if the vaccine is protective, then why are you worried about me? And if the vaccine isn't protective, then why do you want me to get it too?"

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