The Toxic Politicization of Society, Rittenhouse as Scapegoat? (Audio)

Tho Bishop of the Mises Institute starts the show with the question of whether the scapegoating of Trump has brought any catharsis to America as the media claims. What important lessons can we learn from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial? Joining Tho is Jonathan Newman, the author of "The Broken Window." Tho and Jonathan discuss the supposedly transitory aspect of inflation, the overshadowing of economics by central planning, Keynesian economics, and more.

In the second hour, David Gornoski calls in and joins Tho Bishop for an analysis of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial with an anthropological lens. How do we make sense of the pandemic tyranny in the larger picture of history? What are some innovations and platforms that we can be excited about for the future? What makes Ron DeSantis different from the rest of the Republicans?

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