Rittenhouse Case Goes to the Jury | Schaftlein Report

Published November 16, 2021 265 Views

Rittenhouse Case Goes to the Jury | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Bub Kuns - Creative Director of Reasons for Hope ( RforH.com )
1) Outrageous comments from Rep Corey Bush a squad member claiming a not guilty verdict will be a license for White supremacist to shoot BLM protesters
2) Biden and Xi hold a non productive Virtual conference where the most notable story was Xi referring to Biden as "Old Friend'
3) Biden signs Bi-Partisan $1.2T Infrastructure Bill
4) Support for Biden's Build Back Better $1.75T Fake Social Spending bill falls to 39% in Swing States as Inflation soars
5) Average Hourly Earnings FELL by 1.2% last month after factoring in rising Inflation
6) 13K Venezuelans, 9K Nicaraguans and 8K Brazilians arrested at the Border - Secretary Mayorkis grilled by Senate for misrepresenting migrant no shows for hearing - 78K last month
7) House Democrats try to Include changes to SALT (State and Local Tax) Deductions that benefit the top 10% of earners
8) Texas Democrat Ryan Guillen joins Republican Ranks - Says Republicans represent South Texas Values
9) Long serving House Democratic member Jackie Speier declines to run for re-election - A harbinger of many more to come
10) Bub Kuns provides Updates of the Progress being made at Reasons for Hope and the good Work they are Spearheading

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