Blindspot #018 -Gaddafi comeback in Libya & US diplomats held hostage in Yemen (Benghazi?)

Published November 16, 2021 50 Views


Blindspot #009 - Turkey’s Africa Policy Gambits and the next US Civil War looming? covered a significant set of issues pertaining to Libya, and particularly Turkish involvement, influence, and deployment of drones in the war torn country.

Blindspot’s attention again got drawn to North Africa, and Libya in particular in the past week, due to news that the Son of Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam, registered to stand as candidate in Libya’s forthcoming, 24 December, Presidential elections.

But, to get the discussion going, before delving deeper into ghosts returning to Libya, breaking news from Yemen is that a militant group had attacked, and ransacked the US embassy in Sana’a, Yemen, and had taken 25 people linked to the embassy, including US diplomats hostage, according to a report from Fox News, 13 November, 2021.

Also, Daily Mail reported on 11 November, how Iranian backed Houthi Rebels stormed the US embassy in Yemen, and seized at least 25 staff, hostages, and files.

NBC News reported during May, 2021, that a senior team of officials from the USA were in Libya exploring options, sites, and negotiating for the re-establishment of a US embassy in the country. It is to be expected that the US might not get palm leaves and flowers strewn in front of it, as it tries to re-enter the fray of war created, by a large extent, due to its policy designs that killed the father of Saif al-Islam, who is now dedicated to making a return to Libyan politics.

US official re-entry into Libya comes at the worst possible time for the country’s reputation, and the congested political battlefields of Libya, involving several other regional- and major powers. The message may also be, to be on the lookout, for deepening Biden administration interest- and involvement in Libya.

The US evacuation of Afghanistan is not forgotten, and it is trying to find strategic fall-back anchor points as it gets challenged more and more in the region as seen in recent reports from Yemen.

Whether it is the name Gaddafi making a comeback in Libyan politics, or, the USA re-entering the country, both cases are bound to lead to new questions and tensions.

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