Dutch MP on Censorship "What is a conspiracy theorist?"

Published November 15, 2021 154 Views

Gideon van Meijeren:

"Journalists and scientists who take their profession seriously, and dare to seek the truth, are facing serious threats. Censorship, Aggression and harassment practices. Even from the government side.

The journalism Blackbox, for instance, a journalist who was interviewing someone who is critical of government policy, was attended by the police.

The reason: He is said to have interviewed a conspiracy theorist.

And when he asked: "What is a conspiracy theorist?"

He was told by the police - and I'm going to cite:

"Someone who thinks the opposite of what the government wants."

So if you think differently than the government, then you can expect the 'thought police' to stand in front of your door.

How does the Minister assess these abhorrent acts of intimidation towards the free press?"

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