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Truth Tellers Town Hall Reveals Binder with Original Data Missing for Days

After holding the Truth Tellers Town Hall event on 11/7/21 in Scottsdale AZ there is much truth that is to being revealed about what was seen during the 2020 Election process by the poll workers, the auditors, and the canvassers

This is an expose on one of the workers that will be featured in the upcoming Truth Tellers Town Hall Documentary and Audit Report.

During the #AZAudit Ballot Count, done at Wesley Bolin Building (not to be confused with the vote count) in the AZ State Fairgrounds, AZ Senate Co-Liaison Randy Pullen removed the Original binnders from the premises, in between shift changes during the audit process. The docurment were off site for nine days.

These binders contained the original tabulation data from the ballot count that was taking place on the fairgrounds site.

In this video you will hear about the responsibility of the Noel Roberts as well as what information regarding the numbers from the pallets of ballots that she has not been able to upload to the secure servers to date.

It is alleged that Senate President Karen Fann is now has both original books. We do not know if the first book containing data from ballots on pallets 1-25. has ever been entered into the secure server to date.

We have more questions to be answered for Senate President Karen Fann and others.

Specifically, even in the official audit report presented by Randy Pullen there is only reference to Pallet 15 There are 46 pallets. We would like to see what was included in the official Audit report and for that audit report to be made public. Was that data ever entered into the secure server? By whom and when and under what supervision?

Here is a link to the public version of the Maricopa County Audit Report.


Stay tuned for the Truth Tellers Town Hall Documentary,where so much more will be revealed.

As a reminder, if you have not seen this, Fann entered into this Back Door Deal ("Special Master" agreement), without the consultation of other members of the Arizona Senate, Cyber Ninja's (the AZ Senate assigned auditor), nor Cypher.

Here is a link to the Back Door Deal & "Special Master" agreement, for your reference:


It is the growing opinion of many that Senate President Karen Fann should resign NOW, not at the end of 2022 session. She should do it now!

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