Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla: 'Professionals that purposely spread misinformation are criminals'

2 years ago

Bourla says (in somewhat broken English), "There is a very small part of professionals which they circulate on purpose misinformation so that they will mislead those that they have concerned. Those are criminals, they're not bad people, they're criminals, because they literally costed millions of lives."

He is right. Those who purposely and knowing spread medical misinformation are criminals (and should be prosecuted). Who are some of these people?
* Anthony Fauci, among whose many, many crimes against humanity are the propaganda that ivermectin is just an anti-parasitic horse drug for which there is no clinical evidence regarding its efficacy against COVID, see
* Rochelle Walensky, who recently said that face masks can be more than 80% effective, see
* Bill Gates

Pfizer has a long list of criminal convictions and fines, such as for scientific fraud, bribing doctors and racketeering.

What more misinformation are we talking about specifically? For instance that the vaccines are strictly necessary ("the only way out") and that they are safe and effective. Also that SARS-CoV-2 (and all other respiratory infections) is mainly spread by big droplets. That vitamin D does not make a difference. That there is no safe and effective early treatment and prophylaxis for COVID, except for the extremely expensive new experimental drugs such as molnupiravir, monoclonal antibodies and 'Pfizermectin'. Et cetera.

Bourla says that the vaccinated tend to be more afraid of the disease and the vaccine sceptics tend to be more afraid of the vaccine. The vaccine sceptics are indeed afraid of the COVID vaccines (among other things) and rightly so, because the known short term adverse effects of these experimental genetic clot shots ARE serious and life-threatening. The medium and long term adverse effects are unknown, but there are already serious red flags regarding auto-immunity, cancer, fertility, et cetera.

Professionals that are accused of spreading 'misinformation', tend to disseminate truthful and relevant information that is contrary to the predominant narrative and conflicts with the selfish interests of those in power. They are not criminals but heroes. They knowingly risk everything to do what the captured 'health' authorities should have done, but didn't, because these authorities have interest that conflict with public health.


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