1 year ago

Queensland Nurse speaks out about the communism that is in full swing in Australia

Today on The AJ Roberts Show we are joined by Queensland Registered Nurse Carolyn Gaschk.

Carolyn, a RN of 39 years, has witnessed nothing short of medical apartheid, high levels of coercion, gagging orders and injuries from shots across hospitals and medical facilities in southern QLD. This has lead her to taking a stand and speaking out and she's here today, exclusively on The AJ Roberts Show to share the horrors that are now rife in QLD and across Australia.

I have said many times over the last couple of months that the world MUST pay attention to what is happening in Australia right now. It is very reminiscent of Nazi Germany, something I, and many others would never have thought we'd see or say in our lifetime.

Please understand that what we are witnessing here can end up on our shores at any moment.

NOW is the time to stop burying heads in the sand and open your eyes to the seriousness of what we as humanity are facing head on.

Do not be afraid, stand up, fight back and say NO MORE!

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